Saturday, February 4, 2012

Where is my Carl cutter?

Woe is me!!!  I have been looking for my Carl cutter for MONTHS now.  As a paper crafter, it is simply indispensable. I don't get a chance to do paper crafts much anymore since Katie was born, but whenever I have to cut a straight line I *need* my cutter!!  I don't think I can explain how painful it is to even consider cutting a straight line with a SCISSORS!!!  lol!!! Not to mention how difficult it is to get a perfectly straight line.

Today I was thinking about making a very simple garland for Valentine's day, out of some red and pink paper strips.  I'd love to cut said strips about 1/2 - 3/4 inches wide.  Do you know how perfectly and quickly I could do that with my trusty paper cutter?  It would take about 1 minute to do ALL of them.  WHERE ARE YOU, CUTTER???  The last time I remember using it was when I made those cute little boxes to hold tea bags at my baby shower. So, September 2010!!  I have checked the garage, the office, the guest bedroom, our bedroom closet, the den, the kitchen, the dining room hutch, the laundry room...where can it be????

Come baaaaack, Carl cutter!  I miss you so much!!!

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