Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Naptime thoughts

Ahh, naptime. The most cherished time of the day.  As much as I adore my little Katie, I need some mommy downtime.  Running after a toddler is incredibly tiring!  Over the weekend we got some new advice from our sleep expert. Katie refused her second nap three times in eight days - meaning she just sat in her crib and alternately talked/whined/cried/babbled.  The sleep expert said she's ready to drop one of her naps.  GAAH!  So yesterday was the first day of One Nap Only.  I tried putting Katie down an hour later than usual, as the sleep expert suggested.  Poor Katie was so tired by the time 10:00 rolled around, so I put her down then.  She took 30 minutes to fall asleep, had a crappy 2-part nap and woke up at 11:45.  YIKES!  There are a lot of hours between 11:45 and bedtime!  Katie was so tired by dinnertime, poor girl.  She was rubbing her eyes by 4 and her little eyes were puffy by 5, but she managed to pull through.  She fell asleep after only 2 minutes in her crib when we put her down!  Good job, little sweetheart!

Today, though, it's like a miracle!  She slept all night with only one brief wake-up at 4:45.  She woke up at 6:45 but "snoozed" until 7.  I put her down at 10:15 and she was asleep within a minute.  AND - she is still down and it has officially been 2 hours!!!  WOOOHOOOO, go Katie go!!!  I am so happy for her.  She needs to take a nice long nap, it is so good for her.  None of this half-an-hour stuff.  I really hope this good nap will help her stay happy and awake until bedtime!

Today it is raining, so I think we'll go to the mall.  I am going to try feeding Katie her lunch as soon as she wakes up, and then we'll go to the mall afterwards.  That way I can sneak in another solid food feeding around 4 for snack time.

She's up, gotta run!

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