Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stupendous things about Katie, part 1

Today I was thinking of some of the wonderful and unexpected things about Katie.  Some are probably pretty ordinary, but for me, well...I wasn't expecting them.  More to come, I'm sure!

1) Katie couldn't care less if her diaper is wet.
I guess the irony here is that we use cloth diapers, which are said to lead to earlier potty training because the baby can feel the wetness (vs. a disposable).  Well, I suppose Katie can feel it, but she just doesn't care.  I usually change her every 90 minutes or so, but a couple of times we've been on a family outing and lost track of time.  Once her diaper was so wet it leaked through her sweatpants and onto the ergo carrier!  But she was happy as a clam.  Who knew?

2) Katie couldn't care less what temperature her bottle is.
Funnily enough, I still warm her bottle a little in the morning to "take the chill off."  She hates waiting for it!  Yesterday I just gave it to her straight from the fridge, and she was completely fine.  We are so lucky, it makes things so much easier not to have to warm bottles.

3) Katie loves going down the slide - even the twisty slide - by herself.
When I was little, I used to be DEATHLY afraid of the twisty slide.  I mean, for years and years!  I remember finally getting up the nerve and doing it.  I remember the adrenaline pumping through my veins!  But Katie is great about it.  Cutest thing ever!

4) Katie is unafraid of strange doggies.
Katie's grandma - my mom - is so afraid of dogs that when she goes out for walks, she brings an umbrella to scare dogs away.  It makes such a great mental picture, my mom fighting off a strange dog with an umbrella.  I know it sounds cruel, but I almost wish a dog would approach her, just so she could see how incredibly useless an umbrella would be in that situation.  But anyway - not Katie!  Bold as brass.

5) Katie does not mind itchy clothing, itchy tags, bunched up sleeves, etc.
I am constantly fussing with Katie's clothing to make sure that none of the above are bothering her.  Why? Because these things drive Anthony and me crazy!  Apparently Katie did not inherit the "itchy things" gene.  Lucky girl!

6) Katie loves broccoli!
This might not be that weird, except that for my entire childhood, I hated broccoli. I hated it so much that I would have voted for George Bush, Sr., who hated broccoli too, had I not been underage.  And a liberal. ;)

More to come!

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