Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy 15 months, Katie!

My little girl is 15 months old today!!

One great thing about Katie is, she can make anything into a toy. This is very easy on the budget, as we really don't have to buy her expensive toys.  The not-so-great thing is, she WILL make anything into a toy.  Anything you happen to leave on the floor, or within 4 inches of the edge of any table or countertop, she will claim as her own. Today it happens to be the plastic insert from the bottom of a reusable shopping bag, and a baby spoon with yesterday's dinner still clinging to it.  (EW! bad mommy!)

Another great thing about Katie is, she loves to put things into drawers.  Someday she's going to be a kick-ass organizer! The not-so-great thing about it right now is, we're never sure which drawer she's chosen when she puts things away.  I find things in the weirdest places!  In addition to putting things into drawers, Katie also loves to take things OUT of drawers.  Which is why all my potentially dangerous cooking and baking tools now live in a jumbled heap in a bag on the floor of the pantry.

But I'm not complaining. Did I mention how much I love my little girl?  And how incredibly adorable she is?  And how much I actually love having a messy kitchen with empty drawers (which are always open, btw) and toys everywhere? I know, I must be crazy, but I love it.  Three cheers for motherhood!


  1. sounds like she is doing her own Heuristic play. Goblin is 28 months now and he is still quite into kitchen equipment like tongs and whisks.
    I've just read every post on your blog - i'm loving it - i like that they are nice and short so I can dip in and out. Can't wait to read some more