Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Soy vey...

I think we need a new pediatrician.

Today we went in for Katie's 15 month well-check.  She is doing great on height and weight, and the Dr. is impressed with her 12 word vocabulary.  We talked about nutrition, fluoride, and why she's still drinking formula instead of cow's milk.  (No real reason, I just thought it'd be a bit more nutritious, fortified with iron & minerals & such. But expensive!)

Then he started listening to her heart.  He listened for a few seconds and then looked at me, puzzled, and said "What kind of formula did you say you're giving her?"

Panic!  A thousand scenarios flashed through my mind...too much iron? Not enough iron? What's wrong with her heart?!?!  Too much calcium? Not enough vitamin D?  omg!!!!!!!  What's WRONG!?!?!?!

Turns out, NOTHING is wrong with her heart!  He just chose that inopportune moment to talk about the fact that she might be sensitive to soy.  GAAAAAAAH!  Don't do that to a mommy!  (Or a daddy - Anthony said he freaked out too!)

As a side note, I've already hand-picked our new pediatrician, but she's not currently accepting new patients.  Of course.  My plan is to sort of cyber-stalk her Kaiser profile until I see an opening.  Not a strong plan, I admit, but I haven't got any other ideas.  Open to suggestions!

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