Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So happy!

Finally, a home improvement project that won't suck!  (Hope I didn't jinx it there.)

Ever since we moved into our lovely new home 3 years ago, we've had a little intermittent problem.  Once in a while, our smoke detectors decide it's time to go off for no good reason.  Now, these are not your average, old-school, battery-operated smoke detectors.  Nooo, these babies are hard-wired into the ceiling, and as such, their "beep" is loud and shrill enough to wake the dead.  This morning at 6:10, they woke us all out of a dead sleep.  They scared the bejeesus out of Katie, whose screaming, by the way, was ALMOST as loud as the beeping.  Almost.  And then it stopped, because there was NO SMOKE and NO FIRE.  Gah.  We all tried to go back to sleep but it was no use.  Poor Anthony, he wasn't supposed to be up until 8:30.

Anyway, the happiness part is this:  after some deliberation over whether to call an electrician, I called the customer service line for BRK alarms.  The agent told me I didn't need an electrician, that the problem is in the units themselves, not the wiring.  They are only good for 10 years and it's been 13.  And the best news?  The units are available from Amazon, on sale!  With Amazon Prime!  So in two days (and some fun on a ladder), we will be in the clear and (hopefully) this will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!


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