Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Epic yogurt fail!

Recently, prompted by the sky-high price of Fage at our local market, I decided to try making my own greek-style yogurt.  I read a couple of good blog posts, here and here.

Both posts made it look SO easy, I decided to give it a shot.  I decided that using the "preheated oven" approach would be the easiest, but I worried that my oven might not be warm enough because it's electric instead of gas and doesn't have a pilot light.  But I figured that if it wasn't warm enough, oh well, the milk just wouldn't turn into yogurt.

Boy was I wrong!

Now, neither of these posts that I'd read mentioned anything about making yogurt with a 16-month-old underfoot.  I need to remember in future to always factor in 1) major distractions and 2) sleep-deprivation-related "mommy brain."

Somehow I managed to get through the process of heating and cooling the milk.  I even managed to mix in my yogurt starter.  I poured it carefully into an upcycled spaghetti sauce jar, saved and meticulously cleaned for this purpose.  I placed it into my preheated oven, turned off.

When I checked on my project, the oven seemed too cool, so I turned it back on just for a few seconds to warm back up.

And that is where the whole thing went horribly wrong.  An hour later, I walked past the oven and wondered, "what's that weird hissing sound?  And why is the oven at 300 degrees?"

Can you see it boiling?  GROSS!

That's right, the hissing was a HORRIFYING MILK BOMB, ready to explode after being in a 300-degree oven for an entire hour!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was too scared to touch it - I really thought it might explode and send shards of glass and molten milk everywhere.  So I let it cool.  It continued to boil for HOURS.  Finally I was brave enough to bring it outside, where it still sits, a reminder of my failure.

Let's hope next time is a big Yogurt Win!  :)

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  1. Sounds like a win in my book (says the lady too scared to try yogurt-making at all). You have to know what doesn't work in order to know what does, right? Brave lady, you.