Friday, June 22, 2012

No blog is good news?

I was thinking today that I haven't had much to blog about lately. And I thought, with relish, that must mean I haven't screwed up any household/gardening/cooking/homesteading projects lately. And then I remembered: Father's Day.

I was walking by the meat counter at our market the week before Father's Day, and I saw bone-in ribeye steaks for sale. Anthony loves a good steak, so I thought it would be a great Father's Day present. We haven't had a lot of luck with the meat from this market - whenever we've bought the pre-packed stuff, it tastes tough and flavorless. I'm sure the meat behind the counter is better, but at $16 a pound, I didn't want to take a chance. I went to Whole Foods instead.

Side note - I dislike Whole Foods. It smells weird, they're often out of the one thing I happen to be looking for, the other customers are annoying, and don't get me started on the prices! Holy smokes.
But, my mom says their meat is incredible, and I knew I could get some advice from their butchers. So I went. I asked. I got some great advice. I nearly fainted at the price. And I went home with a lovely, 2.83 pound bone-in ribeye steak.

Father's Day arrived. I gave Anthony the most boring present of all time, polo shirts for work. Snooooze. He liked them, though - he's such a good sport. I also got Katie a little shirt that said "I LOVE DAD," which was a big hit. Around 4:00, I set the meat out on the counter to come to room temperature, a step that the butchers and Food Network both recommended. Around 4:45 I seasoned it and seared it in a pan on all sides. Then I put it in the oven to finish.

And, thanks a bunch, Emeril. His recommended 1 hour turned out to be WAY WAY WAY too long! I didn't burn it or anything, but it was well done all the way through. Anthony and I like our steak medium rare, or even rare if we're feeling daring. There wasn't a speck of pink anywhere. :(  Anthony claimed to love it anyway (like I said, he's such a good sport!) And, he told me this:

His dad, who passed away several years ago, used to love rare steak. He would always overcook it, and then blame Anthony's mom, who likes her steak well-done. He'd claim he'd done it on purpose, for her. So Anthony and I ate our overcooked steak in honor of his dad, on Father's Day.

And I'm all for keeping traditions, but I hope next time I can manage not to ruin the steak!!! Gaah! Stupid cooking.  :)

Oh yeah, the other Father's Day fail: Katie flat-out refused to smile. Happy Father's Day, Anthony!

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  1. I love that you said it....Whole Foods does smell weird.

    Lovely post; good man you got there, a good sport and a great father. Sounds like he has a good wife too. :)