Monday, June 25, 2012

Fling, Flang, Flung!

Yay me! I just spent the past hour purging the master bathroom of excess stuff. Our bathroom has been such a disaster ever since Katie learned how to open drawers. She is endlessly fascinated with all the weird objects that are kept in the bathroom - bottles of lotion, hairspray, brushes, makeup - it's all new to her. So naturally our entire upstairs is strewn with random toiletries. If it wasn't for the baby gate, I'm sure the downstairs would be too. Instead, downstairs is strewn with random kitchen utensils.

Our usual morning drill is to let Katie amuse herself in our bathroom while we take turns showering. Whoever's on Katie duty (i.e., not showering) finds him/herself doing an endless dance of grabbing things out of Katie's reach and piling them at the back of the bathroom counter in the "Katie-free zone." That zone used to extend from the mirror to a couple of inches from the edge of the counter, and has been rapidly shrinking as Katie grows taller. At 19 months, she can reach pretty much anything within 6 inches from the edge.

Well, the unsightly pile of toiletries finally got to me. I sorted everything into categories, purged a bunch of old items I either don't use or don't love, and packaged up the rest in a bunch of those freebie makeup bags from Clinique, which my mother is always sending me. Hopefully Katie will be stymied by the zippers on these bags, at least for a few more months! By then maybe we'll have had time to put child locks on the drawers.

I love having my bathroom back!!!  :)

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