Thursday, June 14, 2012

Farmers' Market Day ramble

In a complete reversal from my initial panic about becoming a locavore, I find myself ridiculously excited to go to the farmers' market today! True, one of the reasons I'm excited is that I am going to buy some more of that insanely yummy Afghan flatbread, which I plan to serve for dinner on one of the hotter days next week. Easiest meal ever - just slather it with some equally yummy sauces, which I bought last time I went to the farmers' market. Nothing gets me going like a super-easy, tasty meal that doesn't heat up the kitchen.

Another reason I'm excited is that this farmers' market is really more like a festival. It even has a name: Hot Harvest Nights. (How cheesy.) It runs every Thursday from May to September. Yay! (although I guess I'll have to find a different market for the winter.) Hot Harvest Nights boasts about a zillion booths, live music, kettle corn, and tons of kids, families, and dogs. Good times!

Last time I bought some fresh "Pesticide-free" broccoli. That means that they are not certified organic because they use fertilizer on their artichokes, and the broccoli is planted in the same soil after harvest. But they don't use pesticides for any of their crops, so that's good enough for me. But maybe this time I'll look a little harder for true organic - I bought the broccoli from the very first booth I passed, and then passed at least 6 others with broccoli.

And by the way - the broccoli was really good! I'm shocked. For me, to admit liking broccoli is a really big deal. I guess eating fresh really does make a difference!

On my shopping list today, besides more broccoli, is fresh tomatoes. I hope it's not too early in the season - I think it might be. I am going to try making marinara sauce from fresh tomatoes, and if there are any tomatoes left over, gazpacho! There's no way I can screw up cold soup. Oh, except the fact that I did screw it up the only other time I've made it. Hmm, never mind that, let's pretend that didn't happen.

Here's to local produce!!!

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