Sunday, April 29, 2012

Viruses: A Rant

Last Thursday we had a play date with a new friend we met at the supermarket. They live just a few blocks away. She's just a few weeks older than Katie, and they played really well together. I mean, as well as can be expected at a year and a half. They shared toys nicely and didn't hit each other over the head (much), so that's a win in my book.

BUT - when the little girl showed up, she had a runny nose. Her mother said, "Oh, she's had that for a while now, probably allergies." OK, I took that at face value, and the play date commenced.

A while later, the little girl tried to drink from Katie's sippy cup of water. The other mom took it away and explained that her daughter had recently had Hand, Foot and Mouth disease (HMFD) and that the virus can still be shed weeks after symptoms disappear.  W.T.F!!!!  Why did you bring your kid over to my house??????  I appreciate the gesture of not letting the kids share sippies, but hello? Her kid's saliva is all over my den, kitchen and dining room, all of Katie's toys, and Katie herself!

Anyway, how do you kick someone out of your house during a one-hour play date? I guess I'm too much of a people-pleaser, so I let it continue. After they left, I went into a germophobic frenzy. I immediately washed Katie's hands. I grabbed my bottle of Method Antibac and sprayed every object and every surface I could think of that had been touched.  (omg, I just remembered! Doorknobs! AAAAAAAH!)

Long story short, guess whose toddler has a runny nose today, three days later?  I am fuming. And praying we all don't get HMFD.

Seriously, people? Keep your kids home when they're sick. End of rant.


  1. sorry about this. I hope she feels better soon and that it is not HMFD. I can't even be pithy about this, it is just not cool to bring your sick kid to a playdate.

  2. Thank you for saying that!!! I re-read my post and wondered if I'd been overreacting. I know a virus isn't the end of the world, but really, parenting is hard enough without illness. :)