Saturday, April 14, 2012

Katie's Kisses

A while back, Katie learned how to give kisses. She leans close to something and says, "Muh!" Her first favorite things to kiss were pictures of babies. I never realized just how many pictures of babies there are out in the world. When we pass the diaper aisle in Target, Katie just goes crazy. "Baby! Baby! Baby!" And, if I let her lean in close enough, "Muh."

Now, the thing about Katie is, she loves pictures of herself most of all. Vanity so early? She also likes to kiss the mirror. She spots pictures of herself all over the house, of course, but her real obsession is digital media. Naturally Anthony and I have Katie's pictures as screen savers, lock screens and desktop wallpaper on all of our digital devices.  So whenever I turn on my phone, iPad or computer, Katie automatically says "Baby!!! Muh!" and wants to kiss the device.

But kisses for Mama and Dada? Those are like hen's teeth! Katie seems to like to tease us.  We'll ask, "Katie, can I have a Muh?" and she'll walk tantalizingly towards us, only to bolt at the last second and run cackling around the kitchen. Seems like we're constantly asking for kisses only to be rejected. And, to rub salt in the wound, Katie likes to kiss random objects around the house. Jars of baby food? Muh. Board book? Muh. Toy xylophone? Double muh. Banana? Why not? Muh. And, my personal favorite: box of Rice a Roni? Muh. But noooo, no muhs for mommy and daddy!

But on the rare occasion that we do get a kiss, there's really no better feeling in the world.  Especially when it comes with a big hug. ;) Love you, sweetie!

Seriously, how could anyone resist a MUH from this little angel?


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    1. Hmmm...tried to spell check and it deletes me...thanks blogger.

      What I was trying to say was that I also love to muh our rice a roni as, wait, I love to munch it....never mind.

      Hope you get tons of Katie kisses super soon! She is a total angel, by the way.