Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sunshine Award!

Shucks, folks, I'm speechless!  I was over at Awkward Mom, and I noticed she'd won the Sunshine Award for having an awesome blog.  (Totally deserved, btw!) I read through her throughly amusing acceptance speech, and when I got to the end, I was floored.  The Sunshine Award requires you to pass on the award to other bloggers, and one of the blogs she passed it along to was...this one!  Yaaaaaaaay!

It seems the protocol is to answer some questions and then share the love. So here goes!

1. What is your favorite color?
My lifelong favorite color is blue, but right now I'm partial to teal. I've got a shirt that's the brightest teal you could possibly imagine and I wear it a lot.
2. What is your favorite animal?
That depends. Domestic? Cats. Wild? Bears. Stuffed? Also bears. (I mean plush, not taxidermy. Ew.)
3. What is your favorite number?
27. Coincidentally, Matt Kemp's number. (Even though nobody asked, my favorite Dodger is #16, Andre Ethier.)
4. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?
Pepsi, preferably from a soda fountain. Somehow it tastes better than from a can. But I'll take a can any day. I rarely, if ever, drink caffeinated soda, so it's a special treat.
5. Which do you prefer, Facebook or Twitter?
Facebook, hands down.
6. What is your passion?

At the moment, raising my beautiful daughter and watching her change as she grows up.  But I also have an entrepreneurial streak a mile wide.  

7. Do you prefer giving or receiving presents?

Probably giving. I love to give thoughtful presents, but sometimes it's frustrating when I can't think of the right gift for someone. Particularly when that someone is my husband, whose birthday happens to be this Saturday. I tried and tried and tried, but the gifts I came up with are woefully lame.  :(
8. What is your favorite pattern?

The cute cabled clutch knitting pattern I designed a few years back.  Right now I'm marveling that I had a) the time and b) the brain power.  Look at all those fiddly cables!  Pre-kids, for sure!

Hmm, awful photo. Can you even see the cabling?

9. What is your favorite day of the week?

Saturday. It always has been, but since Katie was born, the feeling has taken on a new intensity.
10. What is your favorite flower?

I love tulips, but the peonies in my bridal bouquet are probably #1 in my book. I didn't preserve the bouquet, so the peonies are just in my memories (and wedding photos).

And now, folks, it's time to share the love.  I've been procrastinating about this because I'm kind of embarrassed. I only follow two blogs, and one of them is the one that nominated me for this award. But the other one is a hugely successful (and totally hilarious and readable) blog and the author really doesn't need lil' old me to give her an award.  It would be like the star of a high school play giving an accolade to Meryl Streep.  (In other words, I'm incredibly small time.)

But anyway, here goes: I'd like to pass the Sunshine Award to...Anna at!  (and the crowd goes wild!!!)

Thanks again, Awkward Mom, you sure put some sunshine into my day!!  :)

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  1. Wow, Crafty McCrafty; nice purse!

    We are in a mutual sunshine sharing club then, because you add sunshine to my blog reading all the time!

    (taxidermy bears....hehehe) :)