Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Brest Friends

On Tuesday I went to my first La Leche League meeting. It was a couple of towns over, near the hospital where I've decided to have the baby. The meeting was scheduled from 10:00-11:00, and it meets once a month. The meeting started late, and by 11:40 there was no sign whatsoever that they were wrapping up. We had to leave anyway, so I missed whatever time would have been dedicated to moms milling about and chatting. Actually, that was the part I was looking forward to the most!

I also missed a lot of the discussion because of having to watch Katie. She was really well behaved - at least, according to my standards, which have been adjusted to account for the fact that she is 2, as curious as anything, and super outgoing and friendly. She said (very loudly) "Hi!" to all the babies, assisted the other two toddlers in trying to destroy the mini blinds in the room, and delightedly kept asking me (loudly) to pour her more water from the refreshments table. She played with a train set that another kid had brought, and tried repeatedly to force-feed another kid the Cheerios he kept dropping out of his snack holder. (The kid's mom wasn't thrilled about this.)

So I didn't get a whole lot out of the meeting. I did get to tell my story of trying to breastfeed Katie, and got a few supportive murmurs and some advice from the leader. It was okay. I just don't think there's much for me there, especially if they only meet once a month. If I'm having the same trouble I had with Katie, I'll need help right away, and plenty of it! Luckily I have the number of a good lactation consultant who makes house calls.

I really hope things go better for me this time with breastfeeding! I've heard a lot of anecdotal evidence that second-time moms have an easier time, even ones who couldn't breastfeed their first kids. Let's hope that's true for me!


  1. Awesome title. (hehe tit-le...OK, not as clever as yours...)

    Sounds like it was just OK, but not really worth it. Plus, it sounds like you have a lot of info and resouces as it is. Good for you! Guess they can be a fallback.

    Good luck with the breastfeeding!

    1. Oh, I can't take credit for the tit-le at all. (hee hee) "My Brest Friend" is actually the brand name of a nursing pillow. LOL!

      Thanks, I'll take all the luck I can get!