Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I have a really long (and probably boring) post that I've been ruminating on for days, but this one's gonna be quick. Guess what my wonderful husband got me for Valentine's Day, even though we had declared a "gift truce?"

The sweetest card EVER, and a Lego minifigure of my favorite baseball player, Andre Ethier! This may not seem so stupendous, but there are 2 things you should know about Ethier. 1) He plays for the Dodgers and Anthony is a lifelong Dodger-hater. 2) He's ridiculously handsome and Anthony knows I have a little crush on him.

What a guy!!!!!

Now I have to make sure I finish his Valentine's project today!!! I really bit off more than I could chew this time. This is the sort of project I could have knocked out in a couple of hours, before Katie. Since Katie,'s taken me more than a week and I still have so much left to do!

The backstory: About ten years ago, I made a cute present for my Aunt Gayle's birthday. I'd read the idea somewhere and thought it was perfect for her. Aunt Gayle was a wonderful person, but she was a little hard to please when it came to presents. So I found an empty glass jar, and filled it with 52 little slips of paper, one for each week. On each slip, I wrote a fond memory I had of growing up with her and Uncle Ralph. She absolutely loved it - she'd read them on Sundays and looked forward to it every week. How cute is that?

Last Valentine's Day, I decided to do the same thing for Anthony, except the theme was "I Love Anthony Because He..." and each of the 52 slips filled in the blank. It wasn't hard to come up with that many reasons, but it was kind of fiddly printing the page and cutting it into little strips with a baby on my hip. I rolled each strip into a little tiny scroll and miraculously, they all fit into a baby food jar. I labeled the jar with the strips and gave him a second jar in which to put the ones he'd read.

Well, Tuesday nights have a little extra cause for celebration around here, because we totally look forward to reading those strips together. At one point we got a bit behind, so we've been catching up this week and it's been so much fun!

This year I've changed the theme to "Remember When...", similar to the one I did for Aunt Gayle. Some are totally inside jokes or *ahem* private, but here's a sample:

Remember when we used to sit in different computer labs and "chat" each other instead of studying?
Remember when we used to get late-night french fries and milkshakes at Golden Bear cafe?
Remember when you used to come with me to capture and kill bugs for Entomology lab? True love...
Remember when I used to sleep in my clothes when I stayed over in your room so you wouldn't think I was "easy?"

LOL!!! We're going to have a lot of fun reading these together, if I can manage to get the whole thing finished. For some crazy reason, I decided to cut each memory out and glue it to a piece of red, pink or purple card stock. It's taking FOREVER!!! Wish me luck!

Hubba hubba. Go Dodgers!


  1. I most make a list to fully respond to your awesome:

    1. You have a wonderful man.
    2. What a great and generous gift idea for someone who is hard to shop for!
    3. I am certainly stealing it.
    4. You two were clearly together in college, which I find adorable.
    5. Projects are 18 times harder to complete with children around.
    6. Hubba hubba indeed.


  2. P.S.
    7. Obv....most means must.
    8. I doubt any post you write will be boring.

    1. Thank you! Yes, we met the first week of freshman year, nearly 20 years ago. (gasp!) So I had quite a large pool of memories to choose from for this project. :)
      I finally got the whole thing finished, and Anthony's really excited about reading them. Yay!