Sunday, February 3, 2013

Gridiron agony and moon sand revisited

Oh, it was awful. The 49ers were just dismal in the Super Bowl. I don't know how, but Joe Flacco made some incredible passes even though I thought our defensive line did a good job of putting pressure on him. He'd be microseconds away from being sacked, and he'd throw it up in the air and somehow, SOMEHOW, find an unguarded receiver. Over and over and over again. Seriously, what happened to our secondary? Those guys couldn't break up a pass if their lives depended on it. Sigh.

The Super Bowl started at 3:30 Pacific time, which is a difficult time of day to watch football around here. When games start at 10:30, we can record the game and watch the whole thing during Katie's nap. Then the only problem is turning off all electronic devices so no one spoils the game for us.

But today, Katie woke up at 3, so I had to just let her watch the game with me. Actually, for the first 30 minutes, she stayed upstairs in her room, playing. I like this arrangement because we have the baby monitor on down here, so I can hear what she's saying. She's pretty good about tipping me off when she's going to do something naughty, like "Katie climbing!" Once I heard a weird whooshing noise that sounded suspiciously like toilet water being swirled and splashed. I took the stairs two at a time, but it was just Katie making swooshing noises with her mouth. WHEW!

As I've mentioned before, Katie is a lot of fun to watch football games with, but I am not crazy about her seeing all the commercials. She's only somewhat interested in football and can usually keep playing while it's on in the background. But when commercials come on, she gets that creepy glassy-eyed stare that is the #1 reason I don't usually let her watch TV at all. It really gives me the willies. So today I encouraged her to play outside with her Moon Sand while I tried to fast-forward through the commercials, the halftime show, and the game analysis.

After about 15 minutes I went outside to check on her. I can see her through the den window but there's some junk in the way so I couldn't see exactly what she was doing. Turns out, she was doing the exact opposite of my instruction to "keep the moon sand in the sand table." Clearly I have to be there every second, reminding her. Duh, she's two, I should have known that. Moon sand was in her playhouse sink. In the water table. In a bucket. In her play frying pan. Squished into the patio. And, the piece de resistance, as I opened the screen door I caught her in the act of tipping the entire plastic bin over on its side, spilling the moon sand everywhere. Sigh.

So much for moon sand. I managed to get some of it back into its plastic bag, but most of the stuff on the ground had dirt and bits of bark in it. After spending a good 20 minutes sweeping the patio and wiping down Katie's toys, I'm feeling kind of done with moon sand for a while. Maybe I'll try making colored rice instead.

Anyway, sigh - 49ers, you had a spectacular season, sorry it had to end that way. Looking forward to next season!


  1. Commercials and kids are creepy. We don't have good reception, so we really only ever watch tv for big events like the Super Bowl, the Grammys, and Downton Abbey. I don't say this to brag about my lack to tv watching, Netflix is going about 24/7 around here. But the children don't see commercials often so when they do, it is like a binge. They also always want to know why those cool loud shows are so short. :)

    I admit that I was kinda in and out for the game, not that I was doing anything industrious like cleaning up pounds of moon sand. I was kinda dorking around on Facebook and doing laundry. Sorry about your 49ers, they did make it an interesting game though. I was told this by Awkward Dad, but I am inclined to believe him. :)

    1. I think doing laundry counts as plenty industrious! :) Yes, they did make it interesting. At one point I thought they might actually pull off a comeback. Sigh. Oh well, good news is, baseball Spring Training is right around the corner! Well, almost. Then I can get back to my household rivalry with Anthony. ;)