Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Help! Christmas Crunch!

It's December 12 and I'm starting to get desperate. I have no ideas for Anthony for Christmas, aside from the squeegee I thought of a while back. Clearly I need something else, but I'm running up against some steep odds here. Here's what I'm dealing with:

He doesn't wear ties. So no ties, no tie tacks, no tie bars, no battery operated revolving tie racks.

He doesn't wear shirts with French cuffs. So no cufflinks, even ones shaped like lightsabers or the Tardis.

He rarely wears a watch, so no handsome leather watch cases. And no watches, even ones shaped like the Tardis.

He's not super into beer, so no beer-of-the-month club, no beer cozies, no beer holsters, no DIY brewing kits.

He's not into wine, so no wine openers, no wine aerators, no instant wine chillers, or anything made of wine corks.

He hates golf, so no personalized golf balls, no golf club links, no portable coolers, no personalized tees

He is into gadgets, but he already has every Apple gizmo known to man, even if work owns them. He also has cases, chargers and speakers for said gizmos.

Can't get him slippers, even though I'd like to, because the ones he has used to belong to his dad, who passed away several years ago.

He is into bourbon, sorta. Neither of us drink much, which is why our liquor cabinet is overflowing. Anthony keeps getting gifts of bottles of assorted bourbons. He tastes each one and then sticks it in the cupboard and forgets about it. I thought about getting him those "whiskey stones", which chill your drink without diluting it, but it turns out he likes the ice to melt a little in his bourbon! So that's out. He already has a couple of hip flasks that he got as groomsmen's gifts. I really can't think of anything else to give him that's related to bourbon.

He is into the Giants, but as previously discussed, I feel nauseated at the thought of buying him anything Giants-related. Besides, he's gotten Giants stuff for every gift-giving event for the past 3 years, so his closet is bursting with orange and black. YUCK!

He is into the 49ers, but again, he has 3 sweatshirts, multiple shirts, and assorted beanies, hats, can cozies, etc. I will browse the 49ers store again, but I doubt I'm going to find anything he'd actually use.

A sad thing that's happened to us since Katie was born is that we've both given up a lot of our hobbies. I used to bake, knit, read and go swing dancing every Tuesday. Anthony used to play guitar and build airplane models in the garage, and we both used to play video games. Now we lie on the couch and watch TV, because we're too tired to do anything else. Our lives revolve around Katie and sleep. I don't like this and neither does Anthony, but that's where we are right now out of desperation. Oh, by the way, I've also given Anthony several sleep-related gifts: earplugs, a special eye mask, a white noise machine, and even a strange device that keeps your pillow cool at night. (He uses it on his feet instead; there are never enough cold spots in the bed!) Sleep is the gift he truly wants, and if I could find a way to give it to him, I would.

I broke down and asked him what he wants, and he said "I dunno. Um, clothes?" So I am definitely going to throw down some cash at Banana Republic. But wow, for a guy who could care less what he's wearing as long as it's clean, BORING!

What do you say, folks? Any fun ideas to share?

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