Monday, December 3, 2012

Football commentary

Despite my vow not to bore you anymore with tales of the gazillion viruses we're picking up from school and Gymboree, I've got a doozie for you this time, folks! Something I haven't had in years: stomach flu!! <crowd cheering> I'll spare you the details and just say that it wasn't pretty. Katie had a slow-building version that lasted three days, but I managed to pack all of my fun into about 18 hours, with most of the intensity between 12am and 7am. Fun Stuff.

So yesterday, I was pretty much useless around the house. And my amazingly awesome trouper of a husband stepped neatly in and picked up the slack. He is truly my hero. He not only entertained Katie, but loaded, ran and unloaded the dishwasher, made me tons of powdered Gatorade, cooked and fed Katie dinner, and - get this - even sterilized Katie's bottles! Which, being the lazy busy mom that I am, I  probably haven't done in 6 months or more. Wow!

After the nausea subsided around noon, I was able to lie on the couch for a little bit. Anthony and I had previously agreed that now that Katie is 2, we're OK with letting her watch TV once in a while if the need arises. And boy, that need arose spectacularly yesterday! So the three of us spent a crazy lot of time on the couch yesterday, just vegging out and watching TV. It was a total sloth day, and you know what? It was fantastic!

We found out that Katie is an amazing color commentator. She's not quite ready to do play-by-play yet, but she chimes in with the cutest things at the funniest moments! When someone is running up the field with the ball, she says "Go go go!" When there's a sack or a big tackle, she exclaims "Hugs!!" She says "Frow" when the quarterback throws the ball, and "Kick" when the kicker kicks. Sometimes she says "Owie!" if it looks like someone fell down. She says "Hat off!" when someone's helmet goes flying. She says "Tap tap!" when players hit each others' helmets in the end zone. Oh, and my favorite: For some reason Katie kept saying "Turkey gobble gobble!" It took me a while, but I finally figured out that a huge NBC peacock logo kept flashing across the screen after replays. LOL!

In short, it was the most fun I've had watching football in a long time. Katie was sprawled out between us on the couch with her snack catcher on her lap, just munching away and watching football, like everyone else in America, I imagine. Good times! (Except for the 49ers losing in overtime. GAH!)


  1. LOL- that is adorable! We are big footballs fans in my house- and your daughter's commentary sounds hysterical.

    During Thanksgiving my little nephew was mimicking my husbands reactions while watching the game. He'd wait and cheer or yell at the TV right along with him when a good or bad play happened. We were all practically rolling over laughing.

    Sorry it was such a heartbreaker of a game for the 49ers. I saw the end of it in clips after our local game was over. Hurts to lose in OT like that.

  2. Thanks Meg! Those little ones sure have fun mimicking the grown-ups! So adorable. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. If Katie was the color commentator, I migth actually watch football. No, make that most definitely would watch!