Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Don'tcha just hate it when you forget stuff? I recently thought of a brilliant gift idea for Anthony this Christmas, and now I've clean forgotten it. Great gift ideas for Anthony are pretty rare, so I'm extra annoyed that I forgot. I'm reasonably sure it could be bought at Home Depot, but that's all I can remember. I'm sure it wasn't a drain augur (eww) or right angle drill bit attachment. It wasn't a toilet lever handle, because I already bought one of those recently. It wasn't a shovel. (I bought one of those yesterday at Target, despite our avowal not to dig up any more of the rose bushes.) It wasn't anything to do with the compressor for his airbrush. Pretty sure it wasn't an American flag, because that's a gift idea for Katie, not Anthony.

Was it something for his car? Doubt it.

A SQUEEGEE!!!!!!  That was it!! Like, a real professional one. Ok, I'm so glad I remembered, but now you're thinking, "Are you crazy? You'd get your husband a squeegee for Christmas? Does he buy you vacuum cleaners and ironing boards?"

No, he doesn't, and no, that won't be the only thing I get for him. But last weekend he decided that the back sliding glass door was filthy (which it was) and he went to find the only squeegee we own. It's cheap plastic and it did a terrible, streaky job. My man likes to have the tools to get a job done right, and who could blame him?

Ahh, thank you, memory, for coming up with this one. Even if I decide not to buy it for him, it would have driven me nuts trying to remember. :)

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? I've got a couple of ideas so far, but no gifts purchased yet. Can't believe it's right around the corner!

A squeegee? Are you joking, Mama?


  1. I think any gift that makes your man happy is the perfect gift! And going on your memory journey to figure it out was hilarious!

    And wow. She is so beautiful. Seriously, when that girl turns I-don't-know-how-old-your-children-have-to-be-to-date-in-your-house-but-I-trust-you, she is gonna be beating them away with a stick. :)

    1. Oh goodness - we haven't even given dating the barest hint of a thought. AAAACK!! That's never going to happen, right? Yikes!!