Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Finally, a picture!

I have so many things to write about, and exactly zero time. I'm up to my ears in diapers, nursing just about every minute of the day, and trying to squeeze in quality time with Katie wherever possible. I'm enjoying Audrey's first newborn days SO MUCH MORE than I was able to enjoy Katie's, mostly because I'm used to sleep deprivation! Anthony and I were marveling at how normal we feel - we're tired all the time but that's normal for us now. When Katie was born, we were zombies. I was so cranky! I don't know how we got through it, but I'm so glad we get to enjoy ourselves more this time around. I think we deserve it! :)

Anyway, without further ado...Miss Audrey!

Not sure what she's smiling about, but it probably has to do with milk. Or gas. :)

1 comment:

  1. She is beautiful!

    And sounds like you are rockin' being a mom of two. Well done!