Monday, June 17, 2013


Okay. So I know it's only 2 days past my due date. And I've had a relatively easy pregnancy so far (although not nearly as easy as my first!) But come on, baby, let's get cracking! It's not so much that I'm excited about the pain of labor (I'm not!), but I just want to get this whole thing over with. I'm so tired of worrying about what time of day it will be when labor starts! My mind keeps going over and over what time would be best, spinning in circles until I remind myself that it's going to happen in its own time, no matter what time I think would be most convenient. Ugh!

For example, sometimes I think it would be best if labor started just after dinnertime. Then Anthony could give Katie a bath (one of the few things she will "allow" him to do) and I could still be present (although probably breathing funny) for the bedtime routine. I could kiss my little sweetheart goodnight and give her extra hugs and squeezes (which I've been doing every night anyway). Then I could go downstairs and wait for the doula and my mom to come. My mom wouldn't have to do anything except wake up with Katie in the morning. Katie won't like it one bit that I'm not there, but she's usually in such a good mood in the morning that I think it would be the best time for her to have to deal with me not being here. Plus there are yummy breakfasts to be eaten, and then maybe a visit to the hospital, assuming we're ready for that.

My second choice would be going into labor around 5am. Katie's been waking up at 6:15 every morning, so I'd still be there when she gets up. Anthony wouldn't have left for work yet, so all I'd have to do is call the doula and my mom. My mom knows she has carte blanche when it comes to taking care of Katie on "The Day." She can feed her whatever food she wants, take her wherever she thinks will be fun, and it's even OK to skip her nap. Hopefully by evening we'd be ready for a hospital visit. Bedtime could be put off too, which might be a good idea so she'll be tired enough to go to sleep instead of crying for mama. And (hopefully) if I start labor that early in the morning, I'll be done and settled into the maternity ward so Anthony can go home, put Katie to bed, and sleep in a real bed instead of that ridiculous hospital chair that they claim "folds out into a bed." Dude, no it doesn't. Nobody could sleep a wink on that thing! (Especially my now-Ambien-deprived husband.)

But, like I said, it's gonna happen when it happens. Today, as I was pushing Katie on the swings at the park, I thought it was starting! I got so excited! It felt kind of like period cramps that lasted a couple of minutes and then went away. Then they came back! WOOHOO! And then they went away again. I hustled Katie into the car and drove home, but that was it. They haven't come back. BOOOOOOO! Stupid Braxton-Hicks!

Let's get this show on the road, sweetheart! I can't wait to hold you!


  1. I HATE waiting for a baby after the due date. Only one of mine has been early; that was amazing! I feel you, I hope you little bean makes an appearance soon, you sound so ready!

    1. I hate waiting too! I'm beginning to wonder just how big this baby is going to be...

      Thanks for your support! And now that I know (from your origin story) that Super P was 10 days late, I feel like I should quit whining! :)