Monday, June 3, 2013

4am musings

Sometimes I'm awake at 4am for no reason whatsoever. Despite our recent bedtime woes, Katie slept all night long last night. I, on the other hand, woke up with a head full of thoughts and the beginnings of a migraine. So here are some of those thoughts, in list form. Enjoy!

Stuff I'm really looking forward to after the baby is born:
The baby herself (well, duh!)
Being able to lie down on my back or stomach!
Smoked salmon
Not having to obsessively wash my hands after touching deli meat
Being able to eat deli meat without microwaving it first (ew!)
Not bonking Katie with my huge belly and knocking her flat
No more swollen fingers, feet and ankles! (I hope!)
Weight loss without really trying (let's hope this happens again!)
The absence of worrying about Katie during labor & delivery
Being able to reach the upper kitchen cabinets without squishing my belly
Wearing the baby in a wrap carrier
No more heartburn!
The ability to take a few approved OTC medications for colds & such
Having Anthony home for six weeks! (even though they may not be consecutive weeks)
Cloth diapering and EC
Being able to get up off the floor without a struggle
Being able to hold Katie in my lap while I read to her, instead of awkwardly sideways

Stuff I'm really NOT looking forward to:
Insane sleep deprivation
The return of real migraine headaches
Less time to spend with Katie
No more "Expectant Mother Parking"
Trying to juggle TWO kids' sleeping/feeding schedules
No more baby kicks in my belly  (I really like these)


  1. I have never understood expectant mother parking....wouldn't it make much more sense to have really-tired-mother-with-a-baby-a-toddler-and-a-ton-of-gear-to-it-from-the-car-to-parked-location? Maybe that's just me though....

    Sounds like you are ready! What month are you now? It has to be coming up...the last month drags the worst for me; I just want to meet him/her already!

    Yuck to the migraines. :(

    1. Totally!! Especially expectant first-time moms...if they think they need special parking now, boy are they in for a surprise! :) It's been pretty nice not having to drag Katie through parking lots, though.

      I am less than 2 weeks away, unbelievable! I can't wait for it to be done, yet at the same time YIKES! I'm not feeling ready for two!!!

      I know, migraines are the worst...and the medication I normally take is kind of a no-no with breastfeeding. Ugh...