Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Resolutions revisited

I think it's high time I revisited my new year's resolutions to see how I'm doing. Let's find out!

1) Quit playing Tiny Tower. Done! I quit playing Smurfs' Village, too. Thank goodness.

2) Improve evening time with Anthony. Hmm. I can't say I've done this. We are both still really tired in the evening, and lately he's been bringing work home with him. Poor guy. I know I'm not supposed to say this, but I loathe his job. I wish he had a job he liked more, and that didn't expect him to put in all sorts of crazy extra hours for no extra pay.

3) Date night once a month. Oh boy. I'm sure you can guess from #2 above that this isn't happening. As it turns out, my mom has been no help whatsoever, so that's our excuse. (By the way, given recent events, we decided that Anthony's mom isn't the least bit crazy compared to my mom. So now it's "Grandma" and "Crazy Grandma." It makes things simpler.)

4) Get a massage once a week until my credits are used up. Well, I went once. Two things are complicating this: one, Crazy Grandma has not been watching Katie as promised; two, I now have to get special "prenatal" massages, which means there are a lot fewer appointments available. I had to book the one massage I got two weeks out, because there were no massage therapists available. However, I did freeze my membership for 6 months, so at least I won't be accruing more massages. Then, I can unfreeze for 1 month and then repeat. Thank goodness.

5) Eat more vegetables. I did okay with this for a month or two, but now I've fallen back off the wagon. But, I did find a nice recipe for spinach, so that's a plus. Once the farmer's market opens again, it will be a bit easier too.

6) Cultivate new friendships. I did this! I went on a playdate, and just yesterday got asked on a reciprocal playdate! Woohoo! This is definitely an ongoing effort, though.

7) Find 3 new recipes for the rotation. So far, Thai Chicken has made the list. So has Red Beans & Rice. So I guess I'm still one short. Unfortunately, I've also tossed a couple of recipes out of the rotation because I'm so sick of them. So, I still need more. But good for me for finding two so far!

8) Wean Katie from the bottle. Well, we're now 100% bottle-free in the car, and the transition wasn't that bad. I love the fact that we can now make more than one stop when we run errands, without worrying whether we have enough bottles! So yay there. I've also put away the big 8-oz bottles and only kept the 4-oz. She still gets three a day, upon waking up from sleep and nap, and on going to bed. I've told her that soon we won't be using bottles anymore, because she can drink from a real cup and doesn't need them. I'm hoping I can make it happen within the next 2 weeks. I think it's a "just do it" kind of task, and I just need to muster my strength and stamina for it.

9) Finish potty training before the baby comes. I've rethought this. I think it's best not to hold Katie to a deadline. She does so many potty-related things independently already. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before the rest falls into place. I will still continue to do small things to encourage independence. I'll continue to offer big girl undies, even though she flat-out refuses them now. Someday the lure of butterflies and flowers and Hello Kitty has to win out over diapers.

So, all in all, not too bad! Gotta keep working on some of them, especially the date night one. Good things are on the horizon there, so stay tuned!

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