Thursday, March 14, 2013

Injury update

Just thought I'd put everyone's mind at ease - Katie's nose is not broken. In fact, it looks so much better today that I'm a little ashamed about my hysterics yesterday. Although, in fairness, it really did look awful. She is just a really fast healer. Thank goodness for that! Last night while we were giving her a bath, Dada did the "wiggle test" to see if her nose made any crunching or crackling sounds. It didn't. And, although she didn't like having that done, she didn't scream bloody murder, so I think that's a good sign too.

I was also super freaked out that the discharge coming out of her nose was CSF (cerebrospinal fluid). That's what I get for googling "how to tell if your nose is broken." Hypochondria and Google do not mix. Today it's really, really obvious that the fluid is just mucus - poor Katie came down with a cold on the same day as her epic journey down the stairs. Whee. Don't worry, though, the hypochondriac in me is still going to watch to make sure the nasal discharge resolves in the usual amount of time for colds.

So, she has a bruise on her shin, a bruise on her nose, and a pretty nasty cut under her bottom lip that's evidently pretty sore. Every time I try to wipe it, she throws a fit. And she has a doozy of a cold, complete with lots of sneezing and a ton of mucus. So she's understandably a little out of sorts. But other than that, she's scampering around like nothing happened. 

Kids are amazing!


  1. Kids are amazing! And it sounds like you are pretty amazing yourself, for dealing with all that so gracefully. Keep on, Super Mom! :)

    1. Thanks! :) I didn't feel particularly amazing or graceful, but I feel a lot better now. Grayer, sure, but better.