Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Diaper freedom! (sorta)

Today's blog post was kinda whiny, so I thought I'd make up for it with a little story that happened earlier today.

Katie and I went out to run errands this morning, and since she keeps asking to go to the library ("Book! Book! In in in in in!") I decided to indulge her. She had fun playing with some older girls in the wetlands exhibit, and then took off towards the children's area ("Book! Book! Book!") She climbed around in the pretend boat they have set up, pulled a whole lot of books off the shelves, and made sure I knew that the toddler computers were still "All gone!" And then, she said it: the word I hadn't even thought to worry about.


Now, this may not sound like cause for alarm. But Katie poops on the potty, and guess who hadn't thought to bring the diaper bag with the folding potty seat? That's right, me. Guess who also remembered that said diaper bag (in the backseat of the car) is empty of clean diapers? Every time I get in the car, I think "Ahh, I have to remember to restock that bag!" And then I promptly forget. Awesome.

Anyway, here we are in the toddler area of the library, no diapers, no potty seat, and Katie saying "Poo!" I decided that getting the poo out of Katie was probably the #1 priority, so I took her into the bathroom and sat her on one side of the grown-up toilet seat. Needless to say, she didn't go. (As an aside, could someone please invent a potty seat that can be permanently installed on public toilets? Like, instead of a lid, there could be a little seat you flip up or down. Obviously this would only be for toilets in toddler-friendly areas. I nominate the children's section of the library!)

So now we have no poo, and no clean diaper. I actually think she's been saying "Poo!" when what she really means is, "Mama, I'm peeing right now!" Her diaper had indeed been newly peed, so I decided to be adventurous. I put her little skirt/panty combo back on her...sans diaper! And then I grabbed her and practically ran out of the library. I threw our stuff in the car and flew home, doing some very questionable stops at the 10,000 stop signs between the library and our house.

And...we made it! Woohoo! Katie's first diaper-free ride!


  1. Congrats on Katie's first diaper-free ride! May it be her last, or at least, may it not repeat in 16 years with some dudes she just met in Cabo. :) Nah, she is too smart for that. Smart, if she already knows where she is peeing/pooing and that she likes books! Smart indeed...

    1. Oh goodness, Cabo...I'm just going to stick my fingers in my ears and pretend that Cabo doesn't exist...LALALALALALALALA!

      But yes, I agree, she's got some good things figured out already! All she needs is to figure out that chocolate is awesome and she'll be all set! :)