Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sleep regression!

All is not well in the Cerna household.

On the upside, we are ecstatic to have our calm, peaceful house to ourselves again. Crazier Grandma - aka Grammy, aka Wammy - has gone back to Southern California. Whew. Katie has been asking for her, but so far no major tears or anything. Double whew. Mama is back to sleeping in a bed instead of on the couch. Triple whew. (It's a long story.)

But something has happened. The night before Wammy left, Katie went on a sleep regression bender. She was up from 2-5 am, and so was I. (This may or may not have been instrumental in convincing Wammy that it was indeed time to leave.) The next night she wailed for 45 minutes before falling asleep. Last night she cried for only 20 minutes when we put her down, but woke up screaming four times. Four! And the first waking, she screamed for 45 minutes before she finally went back down.

Anthony and I are frantic.

What on earth has happened? Her diet hasn't changed. She doesn't seem to be teething. She isn't sick. She seems totally fine during the day. But as soon as she cottons on that the naptime or bedtime routine is starting, she loses it. Does she suddenly hate her bed? Is there a monster in her closet? Does her lambie blanket need a wash? (Well, more than usual? That thing is gross.)

I know she'd rather be out playing. Today that was abundantly clear. I couldn't even get her to come in for lunch, but that was totally my fault. You see, Anthony and I just bought Katie the best toddler toy ever: the Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Water Park. She played with one at a friend's house, and it was obviously made for her. It has everything: water, balls, squirty fish, a ferris wheel, and a giant spirally funnel in which to throw the balls. Plus, Katie's extensive collection of giant bouncy balls fits perfectly through the spiral! Score.

I forgot all about the clock as I assembled this thing for her today. By the time I was finished, and Katie was dumping balls in at record-breaking pace, I realized it was already 12:20. Whoops, we were supposed to have lunch at 11:30! So I lured her inside with goldfish crackers (don't judge, I had to do something to tear her away from this fabulous toy!) She only picked at her lunch, which is typical these days, and then I took her straight to her room. She knew what was up by the time I'd reached the stairs. Somehow I managed to keep her calm through her diaper change, but once I got out the sleep sack it was all over. Scream city. She couldn't even hear me singing the bedtime song over the din.

I feel awful letting her cry. Awful! I hate sleep training. I hate everything about it except how well it works. Well, how well it USED to work, anyway. I don't know what to do. If I go in there and calm her like I did the first night, she will not let me put her back in the crib. It's terrible. I don't want to teach her that I'll go running in there every time she cries,'s so awful to listen and not be able to comfort her. She is crying right now.

Please, please, please, little girl, remember how to sleep again!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Ugh. Just ugh. I hope she starts sleeping well for you again soon. That is no way to spend nights. You could always use know, for yourself. :)