Friday, May 4, 2012

How did I just drop $30?

Or, "Grocery Shopping as Entertainment: Bad Idea Jeans"

Oh, Nob Hill Foods, you know me too well. You know that I will come into your store looking for a couple of things and leave with two full bags. And, knowing this, you deliberately put enticing items into your bargain bin.

Today they REALLY knew I was coming. There were two bins marked "99 cents," both filled to overflowing. One had tea. TEA! Only my favorite thing in the world. They had Earl Grey, Red Rose, and even Decaf Red Rose! And, of course, a couple of icky fruity-sounding teas that I wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole. I put three big boxes of tea in my basket, and thank goodness I had a change of heart before I reached the cashier. You see, a long-term caffeine fast is quickly approaching. I only have until the end of the month to enjoy my PG Tips in the morning. So, two boxes of tea went back into the bin. The third is decaf, and we'll see if it can make a decent glass of iced tea. I already know it will be wretched hot.

With the other bin, I wasn't so lucky. Hold onto your hats - it contained CAKE DECORATING SUPPLIES! Specifically, gorgeous, brightly colored sanding sugars!  ZOMG!  I've read tutorials on how to make your own, and I'm sure I'll do that someday, but not today! Today they are 99 cents each!!! I'm not entirely sure you can buy coarse sugar, even plain, for that price. And these are some frou-frou high-end brand, to boot! WOOHOO! At first I was very practical, and picked out red and green for Christmas treats. But then I saw blue! And yellow! And orange! An entire rainbow!  (wheezing and fanning self)

Mind you, readers, I don't have time to bake. And when I do make time to bake, I definitely don't have time to decorate! But alas, all of those sanding sugars came home with me, to sit on my pantry shelf and take up space until I have a life again.

Ah well, could've been worse. The bins could've been stocked with half-price chocolate.  Did I say worse? I meant AWESOME! :)


  1. You could always rim a couple glasses with sugar and have fancy-pants drinks....or lick your finger and eat it straight.....because parenting is hard and I don't judge. Esp. bargin bin purchases. :)

    1. Hahaha! Great suggestions, both of 'em! Knowing me, I'd eat it straight and then go out into the world with rainbow-colored lips & teeth...